Shipping for pre-made cases:

all premade cases are shipped out 3-5 days after order.

Shipping for pre-made Switch cases:

pre-made switch cases both Switch Lite and regular Switch cases are shipped out 3-5 days after order.

Shipping for custom phone cases:

custom phone cases are shipped out 2-4 weeks after the case is paid for.

Shipping for custom switch cases:

custom Switch and Switch Lite cases are shipped out 2-4 weeks after the case is paid for.


I am a custom one person shop. I run this shop all on my own and have done so for a couple of years now.  Everything is hand made and is made with love and care. I care about every single order I get and I try my best to get it to you in a timely manor.

if you have any concerns on your order please email me or message me on instagram with any of your questions.


Frequently asked questions

What are the pieces on the case made of?

The cabochons are made of a 2-part epoxy resin. What that means is, they are made of an plastic resin that cures and hardens completely within three days.

What is the whip made of?

The whip is a rubber silicone colored with powdered pigment.

Can you make pre-mades for my phone type?

If your phone type isnt a popular type of phone (ex. Iphone/Samsung) it can be difficult to get cases at wholesale for your phone type. I'd suggest putting in an order for a custom case that way you get one for your phone that you really do like.

Do I have to use paypal to pay?

Paypal is the only way I do transactions, both for premade things and customs. As of this moment I dont plan on using anything else just because I'm still a small shop and Paypal is the best option.

When will my custom be finished?

I only start on customs once they are paid for. If you put in an order but never pay I will not work on the custom. I give every order 1-2 weeks to pay for a custom once the invoice is sent. After the 2 weeks your order will be cancelled. Customs take about 2 weeks to work on depending on the order. I do order cases specifically for customs, so once a custom is ordered I order a case specifically for your custom. Because of this I am unable to work on customs until said case comes in.

When will a spcific case theme be available?

I do releases every other Sunday at 3pm pst. I take every other to take small breaks and not overwork myself, or I use that time to prep pieces for cases and large trays. If there is a theme you are expecting they will be availabe at 3pm pst that Sunday.