Shipping for pre-made cases:

all pre-made phone cases as well as trinket trays and coffin boxes is $5.00, all premade cases are shipped out 1-2 weeks after order.

Shipping for pre-made Switch cases:

pre-made switch cases both Switch Lite and regular Switch cases is $15.00 and are shipped out 1-2 weeks after order.

Shipping for custom phone cases:

custom phone cases is $10 and cases are shipped out 2-4 weeks after the case is paid for.

Shipping for custom switch cases:

custom Switch and Switch Lite cases is $20 and are shipped out 2-4 weeks after the case is paid for.


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Frequently asked questions

What are the pieces on the case made of?

The cabochons are made of a 2-part epoxy resin.

What is the whip made of?

The whip is silicone colored with pigment.

Can you make pre-mades for my phone type?

If your phone type isnt a popular type of phone (ex. Iphone/Samsung) it can be difficult to get cases at wholesale for your phone type. I'd suggest putting in an order for a custom case that way you get one for your phone that you really do like.

Do I have to use paypal to pay?

Paypal is the only way I do transactions, both for premade things and customs. As of this moment I dont plan on using anything else just because I'm still a small shop and Paypal is the best option.

When will my custom be finished?

I only start on customs once they are paid for. If you put in an order but never pay I will not work on the custom. I give every order 1-2 weeks to pay for a custom once the invoice is sent. After the 2 weeks your order will be cancelled. Customs take about 2 weeks to work on depending on the order.



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