Kandi grab bags are made to order.

Meaning that every single order is custom made!

You can get everything from singles to rotator cuffs to massive epic cuffs!
Each order will take 5-7 weeks to be made depending on the size.

Kandi Grab Bag

  • Each size consists of different types of Kandi you can get:

    • small
      • a handfull of singe, small cuffs, small xbase, ladders, phatties and small kandi
    • medium
      • everything in a small package, medium xbase, small-medium 3d cuffs, medium cuffs and so on
    • large
      • everything listed prior, large designed cuffs, large xbases, larger 3d cuffs
      • so so much!
      • everything including epic cuffs, large detailed pieces, large 3ds with very intricate parts